5 First Ski Season Tips

At their core, both skiing and snowboarding are essentially just sliding downhill. Of course, whether you’re sliding down on your butt or on your skis or snowboard makes a huge difference in how much fun you have.

No matter who you are, making it downhill during your first ski or snowboard season is a serious challenge that will involve many falls. We want everyone to love skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain just as much as we do though, so we’ve made a short guide with first ski season tips.

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Ski and Snowboard as Much as Possible

We’ll get the most obvious tip out of the way first. You need to ski or snowboard as much as possible to get over the learning curve.

Although you could have guessed that, we’re pointing it out because many people give skiing or snowboarding a try for a day or two a season with large gaps in between. The best way to learn is to ride for two or three days in a row a few times over a season to establish the foundation you need to be comfortable.

Once you’ve learned, skiing and snowboarding is like riding a bike. Still, you have to put in the time to get there, and the faster you do the better!

Find Season Rentals

An easy way to get to the mountain faster and easier is by renting boots, bindings, and a snowboard or skis for the season instead of every time you go.

Although not all rental shops offer season long rentals, if you find one it will save you money, time, and motivate you to spend more time on the snow.

Focus on the Right Boots

Another step you can take to make sure your first ski season is a success is focusing on finding the right boots.

Boots have the biggest say in how comfortable you are while skiing or snowboarding since both involve constantly standing and leaning on your heels and toes. If your boots are too small, too big, too stiff, or too flexible, then you’ll struggle to stay up and walk away with blisters.

Take the time to find the right rental boots, or you can even buy a high-quality pair of boots that you know will fit well and mold to your feet as the season goes on. 

Take at Least One Lesson 

Even if you’re skiing or snowboarding with an experienced friend or family member, the best way to build the foundation you need for skiing and snowboarding is by taking a lesson with a professional instructor.

Remember, just because someone is a good skier or snowboarder doesn’t mean they can teach others!

Set a Goal for the End of the Season

Whether it’s making it down the bunny hill without falling or making it down your first black diamond, an end of season goal will keep you focused and motivated throughout your first ski season!

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