How to Monitor Mammoth Yosemite Airport Weather and Flights

Mammoth Yosemite Airport

When the mountains call, you must go.

Whether it’s a winter storm that has you calling in sick and buying a last-minute plane ticket, or you’re traveling to Mammoth Lakes to take advantage of every minute of extra daylight during the summer, chances are your flight itinerary will take you through Mammoth Yosemite Airport.

To help you know what to expect when flying to and from Mammoth Lakes, we’ve put together a list of useful links that will keep you up to date! Save this page so you won’t be in the dark when flying into Mammoth Lakes!

Real Time Flight Tracker & Airport Delays

We’ve listed this page first because it is without a doubt the most useful for tracking flight status.

Once opened you will have the option to check on the status of all arriving and departing flights, their flight numbers, destinations and departure points, and specific details about their status like schedules and aircraft type. Plus, The Real Time Flight Tracker also has a tab with an air traffic map that not only tracks all flights to and from Mammoth Yosemite Airport while in the air but also weather systems as they move across California. The air traffic map is a great tool to see what weather you can expect during your flight to Mammoth Lakes.


Mammoth Lakes Air Service Directory Page

On this page provided by the Mammoth Lakes local government, you’ll find several links dedicated to air travel in the Eastern Sierra region. While you’ll find several of the links below also listed here, we’ve included this page separately due to its convenient access to other links and the access it provides to other regional airports. If you’re still figuring out how to get to Mammoth Lakes, use the links to the regional airports listed on this page for more travel options.


Mammoth Yosemite Webcams

Sometimes, you have to see what the weather is like instead of just reading about it. In those cases, use the link above to view three webcams based around Mammoth Yosemite Airport.

While it’s always possible that weather obscures the cameras, you should have a great view of MMH’s runway operations area from the East camera, a wide shot of the mountains across from the airport from the South Camera, and a view of the sky (and beautiful sunsets) from the West camera.


National Weather Service Current Conditions at Mammoth Yosemite Airport

If maps and flight trackers are not enough for you and you want specific details about forecasted weather, then the National Weather Service’s page dedicated to Mammoth Yosemite Airport is the place for you. You’ll not only find important current conditions like wind speed and visibility, but you’ll also find detailed written forecasts for each day and night. If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your inner weather bug, then there are also several links to weather maps of the entire West Coast such as radar and satellite imaging, hourly weather forecasts, and chance of precipitation maps. Thanks to all of the information provided by the National Weather Service, this page is useful when travelling to Mammoth Lakes as well as while in town!


United Airlines Flight Tracker

As one of Mammoth Lakes main air travel service providers, it’s a good idea to know how to track United Airline’s flights. If you’re flying into Mammoth Lakes through United Airlines, then this tracker is your best bet to get an idea of the status of a flight prior to departure.


Alaskan Airlines Flight Tracker

Alaskan Airlines also offers several flights in and out of Mammoth Lakes, so keep this flight tracker on hand if you’re using their service.


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