Mammoth Lakes Craft Brewery and Distillery Guide

People come to Mammoth Lakes for a variety of reasons, but you can bet that they all involve spending time outside in the wild and wondrous Eastern Sierras. Outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, or even just camping can be exhausting, especially if you’re not used to spending an entire weekend doing them. So how can you enjoy the Eastern Sierra experience without wearing yourself down on your trip to Mammoth Lakes?

The short answer is that you can’t, but the better answer is that you can experience the flavors and culture of the region through the craft brewers and distillers that spread out through Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding area. Take advantage of the local craft brewers and distiller’s knowledge of the Eastern Sierras by visiting these local craft breweries and distilleries!


Mammoth Lakes Restaurants with a View

Mammoth Brewing Company

Mammoth Brewing Company is arguably one of the best-known breweries in the area for good reason.

Not only is the craft brewery tasting room and equally popular eatery located just outside of the Mammoth Lakes Village, but their beers pair perfectly with the diverse environment right outside the front doors. Take for example their popular Double Nut Brown Ale, which has rich and roasted flavors to warm you up on a winter’s day or try their Summer Triple and experience the flavors of a relaxed and smooth summer’s day during warmer weather.


Shelter Distilling

Shelter Distilling

If you want to stay near the Mammoth Lakes Village, then Shelter Distilling offers craft spirits at the tasting room located in the heart of the Village.

Although Shelter Distilling offers great food and beer, their claim to fame is their home distilled crafted spirits that combine flavors and ingredients from around the world with Eastern Sierra culture and flavor to create a truly unique selection. Shelter distilling offers vodka, gin, whiskey, and even rum that you can enjoy on its own or mixed into colorful cocktails which means there is something here for every taste!


Black Doubt Craft Brewery

Black Doubt Brewing Company

Although Black Doubt Brewing Company’s batches are small, their insistence on unique flavors and quality beers result in big surprises when you sit down at their craft brewery tasting room in Mammoth Lakes.

Black Doubt Brewing Company is a nano-brewery that only brews their beers in 100-gallon batches, so while there are favorites like the Peanut Butter Imperial Stout that appear on the menu often there is no guarantee the beer you had on your first visit will be there for the next one. Don’t worry though, you’re in good hands with the brewers at Black Doubt because when they experiment you get delicious beer that you’ll find nowhere else.


Devils Creek

Devils Creek Distillery

If you’re willing to veer from the beaten path for the sake of an excellent drink, the visit Devils Creek Distillery.

You’ll have a hard time finding friendlier and more knowledgeable hosts than the staff at Devils Creek, but that’s not even considering their excellent craft spirits. If you visit their tasting room and distillery located just on the edge of Mammoth Lakes, then you’ll be treated to rum, whiskey, and bourbon distilled and aged to perfection.


June Lake Craft Brewery

June Lake Brewing

You’ll find June Lake Brewing craft beers sold throughout the area, but if you want to visit the source and see where the magic happens then take a quick drive over to June Lake and enjoy a change of scenery.

Thanks to their outdoor patio and close location to lakes, trails, and streams, June Lake Brewing is the perfect place to enjoy a unique craft beer on a summer day. If you have any questions about the beer they offer, or their level of dedication to their craft, check out their detailed descriptions of June Lake craft beers and their brewing process before you visit!


What’s your favorite craft brewery in Mammoth Lakes?

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