Mammoth Lakes’ Lakes Basin Guide

You’re never far from outdoor beauty when you visit Mammoth Lakes, and that’s thanks to the Lakes Basin.

Sure, when you’re in town you can see soaring Sierra peaks from just about anywhere, but you still must hike or drive to get to them. Thanks to Mammoth’s Lakes Basin, spectacular natural beauty is just a short drive, walk, or bike ride from the heart of Mammoth Lakes, and we want everyone to experience it.

The Mammoth Bound team has put together a short guide to the Lakes Basin in Mammoth Lakes below. Check it out then use Mammoth Bound to find the best deals on gear rentals and activities in Mammoth Lakes!

The Lakes Basin is Perfect for Family Fun

We’ve already mentioned the spectacular scenic beauty in the Lakes Basin, but it’s not just a place to find great views. There are a ton of different family-friendly activities you can enjoy there too!

During summer and fall the Lakes Basin is a great place to visit since it has paved roads and trails that are perfect for biking and walking. On top of that, the lakes that the area is named after make for great fishing, paddle boarding, and kayaking, all of which is only a short drive or walk from the Village at Mammoth Lakes.

Once winter hits and the snow falls, the Lakes Basin becomes the ultimate destination for cross-country skiing!

The Lakes Basin is a Great Starting Point for Hikes

If you’re looking to head deeper into the mountains, then the Lakes Basin is the place to start.

There are several hiking trails whose trailheads and parking lots sit in the Lakes Basin, and thanks to its proximity to Mammoth Lakes you can reach them from your lodging with ease.

From backpacking trips to day hikes, the Lakes Basin has what you’re looking for. However, you should make sure that any hike into the mountains includes plenty of water. If you haven’t acclimated to Mammoth’s high elevation, then hiking can wear you out extremely fast. One of the best ways to avoid cutting your hike short is by drinking plenty of water before and during it!

Camping Reservations in the Lakes Basin Fill Up Fast

All the reasons above make the Lakes Basin a popular camping destination during the summer and fall. In fact, it’s so popular that if you don’t make a reservation weeks or even months ahead of your camping trip then you may not have one waiting for you.

If you plan on camping in the Lakes Basin, then make your reservation as early as possible to give yourself the best chance of getting a spot.

The Lakes Basin Closes Once Snow Falls

Lastly, it’s important to note that the road leading into the Lakes Basin closes soon after snow begins falling and is not open until the snow melts in spring or summer.

Although you can walk or ski through the area, the road leading into it is closed to all cars.

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