Last Minute Ski Trip Packing List

Skiing and snowboarding are basic at their heart. All you must do is slide down the slope in whatever way is most fun for you.

However, the gear you need to do that is much more complex. We can’t discuss everything you need for a ski trip in a single post, so the Mammoth Bound team is focusing on a last-minute ski trip packing list here to make sure you have everything you need to have a great trip to the mountains.

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Most people don’t think about sunburn when they’re surrounded by freezing temperatures, snow, and are wearing snow pants and a warm jacket on a ski slope. Even if you don’t have much skin exposed though, it’s still easy to get sunburned on a ski slope.

High elevation combined with a ton of surface to reflect off in snow covered slopes makes it incredibly easy to get sunburned while skiing or snowboarding. Prevent that by adding sunscreen to your bag before heading out the door.

A Multi-Tool or Screwdriver

In an ideal world your gear will be set perfectly and will stay that way for your entire ski trip. That won’t always happen though, so it’s best to have a small screwdriver or multitool with a screwdriver on you while skiing and snowboarding.

Most ski mountains have screwdrivers and benches to adjust bindings around lifts at the base of the mountain, but you may not be near those when you need to adjust or tighten your gear. Make sure that’s not a problem by adding a screwdriver or multitool to your pack.

Mountain Snacks

You must have food and water while skiing and snowboarding, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay high prices for it while on the slopes.

Bring a refillable water bottle or bladder to carry with you or store in a locker and snacks like beef jerky, granola bars, and other food that doesn’t make a mess wherever it goes. Not only will doing so give you the fuel you need to keep skiing and snowboarding, but you’ll avoid expensive snacks at resort lodges.

Rechargeable Battery

Even if you’re not constantly checking your phone to look at the trail map or respond to a work email, your phone battery can quickly run out while skiing or snowboarding.

Whether it’s because the battery is cold and leaking power or it’s searching for signal on a remote mountain, you need your phone to stay in touch with those you’re skiing with. Throw a rechargeable battery and charging cord in your pack before heading for the mountain to stay in touch.

Lens Wipe 

Lastly, if your goggles fog and you wipe them with a regular paper towel you can damage their anti-fog coating. Bring a microfiber towel or lens wipe that is designed to wipe away smudges and fog off your ski goggles.

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