Can You Ride Mountain Bikes at Mammoth Mountain?

Is Mountain Biking Allowed at Mammoth in Mammoth, CA

Mammoth Mountain is a bike rider’s paradise during the warmer months of the year. It’s also home to the Mammoth Bike Park, which has a long-established reputation for world-class mountain bike terrain. Mountain biking is absolutely allowed and even encouraged at the resort and throughout the surrounding area. The friendly team from Mammoth Bound, your top choice for Mammoth Mountain hats, clothing, logo wear, and lifestyle merch, give you the scoop on mountain biking at Mammoth.

Mountain Biking Fun for All Skill Levels

You don’t have to be all about those super-challenging trails that leave you breathless to have some mountain biking fun at Mammoth. For example, you can casually hop on a mountain bike and go at a steady pace with your kids while enjoying the view in the Discovery Zone. This is also a great place for beginner-level mountain bikers to get a feel for the terrain. Some of the other mountain biking options available at Mammoth include:

• Intermediate-level trails – The Skills Park is the intermediate-level trail often recommended for mountain bikers preferring a step up from the beginner level at Mammoth. The trails in this area are a bit more challenging but not overwhelming.
• Expert and pro-level trails – If having plenty of opportunities to jump and drop is your thing, you’ll love Mammoth’s expert and pro-level trails. The Derailed Zone, in particular, is perfect for thrill-seeking mountain bikers.

Mountain Biking with Extra Pedal Power at Mammoth

Mountain biking at more advanced or intermediate levels requires a bit more pedaling effort than what’s common with regular biking. This is especially true for times when you’re adding jumps and drops to the mix. If you prefer a mountain bike with added pedal power, you can rent an electric mountain bike locally. These eMTBs can be used on all the trails in the Mammoth Bike Park.

Off-Pavement Fun in the Mammoth Area

The Mammoth Bike Park isn’t the only local spot where you can enjoy mountain biking here. You’re also welcome to try some of the off-pavement mountain biking areas in nearby Mammoth Lakes. The Mammoth Lakes Trail System also includes terrain and trails for riders of all skill levels, with surfaces that include hard dirt, granite, sand, and pumice. Popular trails in this area include:

• The Knolls Loop – has more gradual climbs
• The Mountain View Trail – offers an excellent downhill option
• The Panorama Mountain Bike Trail – provides a good place to work on your technical skills

There’s free shuttle service from Mammoth Mountain to Mammoth Lakes. This is a convenient way to use the resort as your base and check out other trails when you’re not exploring what’s available throughout the on-site bike park.

The Mammoth 50K MTB PedalPalooza

If you’re an avid and competitive mountain biker, this is a Mammoth Mountain event you may want to check out. Taking place this year on Saturday, August 27th, the Mammoth 50K MTB PedalPalooza gives participants access to a challenging race that caps off with awards and post-event festivities at The Village.

Note: Lodging discounts are available for participants.

Whether you need tips on how to enjoy the endless variety of activities at Mammoth or you’re on the hunt for stylish Mammoth logo wear, stop by and see the friendly team at Mammoth Bound, where you’ll get exceptional service and great advice from the people who know Mammoth best. Drop by our shop or contact us at [email protected].

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