Can People Enjoy the Hot Springs at Mammoth Lakes?

Can You Get in Hot Springs at Mammoth in Mammoth, CA

The Mammoth area is home to some impressive naturally occurring hot springs, which means you can have a memorable and relaxing hot springs experience when visiting Mammoth. You won’t find any of nature’s hot tubs directly at Mammoth Mountain. However, local springs are generally accessible from the resort if you rent a car or do some walking or hiking from Mammoth Lakes. Below, the friendly team from Mammoth Bound, where you can find everything from stylish Mammoth t-shirts to snuggly Mammoth beanies, explain what you need to know if you want to take advantage of these natural wonders.

Where to Find Hot Springs Locally

Most of the popular and easily accessible hot springs here are either directly in Mammoth Lakes or in nearby locations. If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s a good idea to download a map app to your phone to get some assistance with directions. We’re also happy to report all local hot springs are completely free to use and enjoy.

Popular Mammoth-Area Hot Springs

It will take some initial planning to find hot springs in Mammoth if you’re a more casual or newer visitor to the area. Hot springs that tend to be popular or worthy of your time and consideration in the Mammoth area include:

• Wild Willy’s – Wild Willy’s is about 20 minutes from Mammoth Lakes. Turn onto Benton Crossing Road off Highway 395 and look for a dirt road after driving for about three miles. Look for the wooden boardwalk, and after about five minutes or so of walking, you’ll find a fairly large naturally heated pool with a deck area along one side.
• Pulkey’s Pool – In the same general area, you’ll find this popular Mammoth-area hot spring destination. The spring itself can comfortably hold about 4–6 people, and it’s “clothing optional,” according to what visitors have reported. There’s also a small parking lot conveniently nearby.
• Hot Tub/Rock Tub – Go over to the other side of Benton Crossing Road to find this warm-water relaxation spot. There’s a long pipe that heats up the water here, so the natural pool is a bit cooler. It’s a cozier location as well, and some people set up camp in the same area.
• Travertine Hot Springs – If you’re up for a day trip from Mammoth Lakes, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view and several naturally formed pools to choose from once you arrive here. Go north from Mammoth Lakes to Bridgeport and make your way to Jack Sawyer Road. Look for signs directing you to the springs.

What to Bring with You

Some say you don’t have to bring much to local hot springs. Still, it’s important to be prepared to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. A bathing suit is encouraged, but there are no official rules. Additionally, get ready for Mammoth-area hot springs fun by bringing:

• A towel to dry off when you’re done
• Water-wearable shoes, since the springs can be rocky and muddy
• A reusable water bottle to stay sufficiently hydrated
• A separate “dry bag” if you’ll be bringing your phone or other electronics
• A light jacket, since it can get cooler in the Mammoth area

People who visit the Mammoth Lakes area often love to take side trips to the hot springs when they’re not enjoying the variety of sports on the mountain. Whether you need tips on how to enjoy the endless variety of activities at Mammoth or you’re on the hunt for stylish Mammoth Mountain apparel, stop by and see the friendly team at Mammoth Bound, where you’ll get exceptional service and great advice from the people who know Mammoth best. Drop by our shop or contact us at [email protected].

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