How You Can Help Mammoth Lakes Animals This Holiday

Between the mountains we get to explore and community we love to be a part of, we’re always grateful to call Mammoth Lakes home and for the friends and family we get to enjoy it with. 

There’s never a better time to give back  to your community than the holidays, and to show just how much we appreciate our four-legged friends and family members the Mammoth Bound team has written up a quick guide on how you can support Mammoth Lakes animals right now!

Check it out below and then take the time to let your pets know how much you love them whether however you can!

Mammoth Bound is now a For 4 Paws Supporter!

The only ones who love the outdoors as much as people do are the pets who adventure there with us. Whether you have a cat who likes to adventure alone at day before coming back at night for some cuddles before bed or a dog who is the perfect hiking partner, the Eastern Sierra are the ultimate outdoor playground for pets just as it is for people.

That’s why 4 For Paws helps shelters and pet owners in need keep their furry family members healthy through financial aid for veterinary care. In fact, since 2016 For 4 Paws has donated over $300,00 to help cover the costs of veterinary care in Mono and Inyo county. 

For 4 Paws doesn’t only help cats and dogs though. All animals, including farm animals, are eligible for assistance from For 4 Paws.

After seeing the important work that For 4 Paws does, the Mammoth Bound team has become a supporter and we hope that you will do the same in whatever way you can! To get you started, we’ve listed three ways you can help below!

Donate to For 4 Paws

Keeping animals in Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding area healthy is the top goal for For 4 Paws, and donations are the most direct way to cover veterinary costs for animals in need. In fact, 100% of donations go directly to veterinary care so that you know your gift will directly help an animal in need.

Click here to learn more about how you can donate to For 4 Paws.

Volunteer with For 4 Paws

For 4 Paws always needs people to get Eastern Sierra animals the help they need, and if you want hands on experience helping animals then volunteering is the best way for you to help!

For 4 Paws has relationships with the animal shelters and veterinarians in the area, so when an animal needs help they can connect you to where you’re needed. 

The Mammoth Bound team can tell you from first hand experience that supporting For 4 Paws in any way you can will be the highlight of your holidays, and we hope that you and your family, no matter how many legs they walk on, have a happy holidays!

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