How to Ease Your Snowboard Boot Pain

Tips to Ease Your Snowboard Boot Pain in Mammoth, CA

“No pain, no gain” is a common sports-related saying, but it shouldn’t apply to your snowboard boots. However, it’s not uncommon for snowboarders to have some issues with foot or ankle pain related to their boots. If this is something you’ve been dealing with a bit too often for your comfort, we go over why snowboard boots may hurt below. We also offer tips on how to avoid this problem

Possible Causes of Snowboard Foot Pain

An improper fit is one of the top causes of foot pain related to snowboard boots. Anything that impairs the ability of your feet to move correctly while on your board can overstress foot and ankle tissues and leave you feeling lingering soreness or pain. Ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, and joints in your legs can also be affected by boots that are too tight, too loose, or not properly adjusted. In addition to wearing snowboard boots that don’t fit your feet and support your ankles enough to allow for safe, comfortable movement, you could experience discomfort related to:

• Incorrect stance on the board
• Tackling terrain too challenging for your current skill level
• Issues with form and technique while snowboarding

How Snowboard Boots Are Supposed to Fit

First of all, don’t go by your regular shoe size alone when choosing snowboard boots. The general recommendation is to wear boots that leave at least a half-inch gap at the end of each boot, which is about the size of a finger. Just going with boots that are too big for your feet isn’t a good idea, either. Simply tightening the buckle to compensate for the extra room can put too much pressure directly on your feet. The result is a decrease in circulation and a higher risk of pain, numbness, and an assortment of potential foot and ankle problems. Plus, you won’t be able to properly maneuver on your board. Boots that fit properly should:

• Feel snug and firm around your feet
• Allow you to feel the end of the boot liner when you stand up with your boots tied
• Feel a bit tight during the first few rides before becoming more comfortable and worn in with regular use

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Tips for Avoiding Snowboard Boot Pain

• Try on new snowboard boots in person whenever possible
• With rental boots, try on a few different pairs to make sure you get a good fit
• Pull the liner back before slipping the boots on to make sure your toes only slightly brush against the ends of the liners
• Don’t tie your boots too tight
• Wear longer socks so they don’t get pushed inside your boots

It can also help to do regular stretches and exercises that target muscles in your lower body, ankles, and feet. This is beneficial, since it reduces your susceptibility to foot and ankle injuries by improving your ability to maintain correct form, stance, and technique.

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