How to Find the Best Air BNBs and Hotels in Mammoth Lakes

How to Find the Best Air BNBs and Hotels in Mammoth Lakes

Choosing somewhere to stay in a place like Mammoth Lakes is hard enough thanks to the many excellent options all around town. Still, what makes finding a place here even tougher is the fact that since Mammoth Lakes is an outdoor sports paradise, you’re choosing somewhere that you’re going to want to spend as little time inside of as possible.

That’s why the Mammoth Bound team has put together a list of tips to help you find the best Air BNBs and hotels in Mammoth Lakes. Keep reading to begin planning your Mammoth Lakes stay and check out Mammoth Bound for other helpful Mammoth Lakes visitor information and reservations!

Stay Close to What You Came For

The less time you spend getting to your outdoor activity, the more time you have to enjoy it.

For example, Mammoth Mountain has deep snow, a long winter season, and enough terrain to ride all season long. All those positives attract thousands of visitors though, and there simply isn’t enough easy parking for everyone. That’s why we recommend finding a place that’s within walking distance of whatever you came to Mammoth to do.

This Air BNB is within walking distance of Eagle Lodge where many ski schools meet up since there are several beginner friendly runs there. If you have kids who need to learn how to ski or snowboard, then this condo or another like it will help you get them on the snow as quickly and easily as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re skiing or visiting Mammoth Lakes’ craft breweries and distilleries, choose a place to stay that is nearby what you came to Mammoth for so that you can spend more time doing it!

Know Your Vacation Habits and Pick a Place that Matches Them

Everyone dreams of having a cabin to stay in that is surrounded by natural scenery and isolated enough that it makes you feel like there is no one around for miles. 

While you can find places like that in Mammoth Lakes, you may not get to enjoy them very much if you like to eat out at a new restaurant every night while on your trip. Likewise, if you’re the type of person who likes to cook meals every night then a hotel surrounded by restaurants but with a small kitchen won’t match your needs.

Don’t stay at the Westin Monache Resort when all you need is this mountainside condo and vice versa.

Find Somewhere with Amenities that Match What You Came to Mammoth For

If you came to Mammoth Lakes to ski and snowboard, then a hotel room or Air BNB that has an easily accessible storage area like this one for your gear will make your trip much easier. Similarly, if you came to Mammoth so you would have a beautiful place to rest at when you’re not driving around Yosemite National Park then you’ll want a place to stay where you can easily load and unload your car.

Although these may seem like small luxuries, they make a big difference at the end of a tiring day outside in Mammoth Lakes!

Avoid Holidays and Weekends if Possible

Lastly, the less you spend on where you stay, the more time you can spend enjoying what Mammoth Lakes has to offer. The easiest way to save while staying at Mammoth Lakes is by visiting during weekdays or on non-holiday weekends just like anywhere else. For ski season, that means Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, and in the summer the most popular time is the Fourth of July.


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