Beginner Ski Lift Tips

Forget about moving on from green runs to blues. The thing most beginners are afraid of above all is getting on and off the ski lift. We don’t want the ski lift to hold you back from progressing on the slopes, so the Mammoth Bound team has put together a quick list of beginner ski lift tips. Read all about them below, then visit Mammoth Bound to find the best deals on ski rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Don’t Try to Get on a Chair Alone. Communicate Instead 

Everyone’s confidence in getting off the lift without falling soars when they’re riding it alone. However, when there is a line of people waiting to ride, getting on alone or with fewer people is not an option.

Instead of trying to not load the lift to capacity, communicate with the people you’re riding with. Ask them if you can ride on the outside of the lift or wherever you’re most comfortable. Then, make sure everyone knows which direction you plan on going once you get off.

Sit on the Outside of the Chair if Possible

If you sit on the outside of the chair (the side away from the lift poles) then you’ll be less likely to collide with someone getting off the chair. You’ll also be less likely to be hit by the chair if you fall, so try to sit on the outside if possible. 

Use the Chair to Stand Up and Find Your Balance

Standing up on a slope and finding your balance with no help is hard. Make it easier by putting your hands on the chair behind you and using it to push yourself forwards.

Not only will the chair give you a steady surface to lean against as you find your balance, but it will also push you forward and away from the lift area.

Put a Stomp Pad on Your Snowboard

Snowboarders have the added difficulty of needing to get off the lift with one foot out of their bindings. A stomp pad can make that easier by giving them a textured place on their board that is easy to find and stick their foot to as they get off the lift.

A good stomp pad will help keep your back foot in place instead of sliding around on your board as you get off the lift, so if you’re struggling to get off the lift on a snowboard then put one on your board.

Clear the Lift Area Quickly 

If you aren’t hurt from falling, then the most important thing to do is clear the lift area.

If you don’t, the chair, might hit you as it swings around or the next set of skiers and snowboarders could hit you as they get off the lift. Even if you don’t fall, make sure you’re away from the lift area since someone else may have a hard time avoiding you as they get off the lift!

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