Will I Need to Buy Lift Tickets when I Visit Mammoth?

Do You Need Lift Tickets at Mammoth in Mammoth, CA

If you’re not going to ski or snowboard, you don’t technically need a lift ticket at Mammoth Mountain. In fact, there are ways you could enjoy a visit to Mammoth without doing any activities requiring lift tickets. That being said, there are some equally compelling reasons to consider purchasing tickets for on-site lifts during your stay. Here’s what you need to know about your Mammoth options with and without lift tickets.

Make Mammoth Your Base for Other Types of Fun

You’ll only need lift tickets at Mammoth if you know you’ll be skiing and/or snowboarding during your stay. However, if you prefer to come to Mammoth and have no plans to ski or snowboard, there are other available options to consider. With lodging alone, the Mammoth area offers possibilities such as:

• Luxury home rentals that accommodate anywhere from 7 to 14 guests
• The Juniper Springs Resort and the Westin Monache Resort
• Spacious townhouses and condos throughout the Mammoth Lakes area that include kitchens and balconies
• Village Lodge, an all-access hotel that gives you convenient access to local dining, shopping, and entertainment
• Mammoth Mountain Inn
• The historic Tamarack Lodge, which is right on the shores of Twin Lakes

As for other types of fun you can have while visiting Mammoth that don’t require a lift ticket, options include:

• Fishing at one of the local catch-and-release fisheries open year-round
• Shopping and dining to your heart’s content*
• Biking or hiking when weather permits

*There’s a free Mammoth Lakes shuttle system that conveniently takes you to local dining and shopping areas.

Another possibility if you don’t ski or snowboard is to come to Mammoth for a camping adventure during the fall and winter months. The Mammoth Mountain RV Park is where you can do this, since it’s the only local campground open throughout the year.

Reasons to Consider Lift Tickets when Visiting Mammoth

As discussed above, you could just visit Mammoth Mountain and stay at one of the on-site lodges or one of the other locations in town without skiing or snowboarding. And you can still have a fantastic time enjoying the views and making your way into town to do some dining and shopping throughout the Mammoth Lakes area sans lift tickets. On the other hand, lift tickets are worth considering for the following reasons:

• Even if you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, you can take lessons here and give either one of these activities a try
• Mammoth offers many appealing packages and deals that include lodging and lift ticket discounts
• There are affordable options available, like afternoon-only lift tickets, in case you decide to rent skis or take advantage of Mammoth snowboard rental and hit the slopes during your stay

There are many ways to save on lift tickets at Mammoth other than the package deals. If you purchase an Ikon Pass, you’ll get ticket discounts for friends and family members. This can be beneficial if you personally don’t ski or snowboard but you have people coming with you who do.

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