Can I Learn to Snowboard in a Day?

Some people are naturally adept at picking up certain activities fairly quickly. If you’re one of those people, it’s possible to pick up snowboarding in one day, as long as you’re prepared first. If you’re motivated, here’s what you can do to boost your odds of being able to learn the basics of snowboarding in a single day, brought to you by the team at Mammoth Bound, your premier choice for snowboard rental. Mammoth snowboarders can rely on us for the high-quality equipment they need to make the most of their time on the mountain.

Bring What You’ll Need

Before you focus on the actual act of snowboarding, make sure you come with everything you’ll need as far as equipment and clothing go. Typically, this is a list that includes:

• A snowboard you’re comfortable using
• Boots made for snowboarding
• Pants, layers, and a jacket all capable of withstanding the elements
• A ski mask and/or goggles to protect your face and eyes

You may want to consider renting a snowboard if you’re just getting started. Once you get more advanced, you can always invest in a board of your own.

Pick a Spot Suitable for Your Skills

You’ll be more likely to pick up the basics of snowboarding in one day if you start in an area that fits your current abilities. For example, if you already know how to ski, you may be more comfortable in an intermediate area. However, if you’re completely new to activities of this nature, it’s better to stick to a beginner-level area with gentler hills and terrain.

Get on Your Board

Once you’re in a spot where you’ll be able to safely snowboard, start by getting on your board. Put the board at a 90-degree angle so the edge of it is firmly in the snow. What this does is keep the board—and you—from going downhill before you’re ready.

Start with the Basics

As you get ready to catch some air, stand on your snowboard sideways. It’s a stance that allows you to properly shift your feet and the weight of your body. A good way to get started is to put some pressure on your heels as the rail of the board digs into the snow while you’re gently going down a hill. Bend your knees as you do this. Do the same thing while putting pressure on your leading foot instead.

Snowboarding also involves coordinating movements among your feet, knees, waist, and shoulders to achieve the right balance. This is also what helps you learn how to turn. The ollie, where you briefly get airborne as you shift your weight and foot pressure, is one of the beginner moves often recommended.

Learn How to Stop & Fall

With stopping, you basically just dig your rails into the snow. The friction created by this pressure makes you stop. When you fall on your snowboard, keep your arms toward your body and maintain a low and flexible position. If you fall forward, aim to land on your knees. When falling backward, your backside should absorb most of the impact.

Build on the Basics

If you maintain your focus, you should be able to pick up the basics of snowboarding in one day. That said, it will take some time to master tricks and other more advanced moves, but that’s okay. Once you get the basics down, you can always build on what you’ve learned. 

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