What to Do with Your Dog in Mammoth Lakes During Winter

What to Do with Your Dog in Mammoth Lakes During Winter

Mammoth Lakes is a four-season outdoor paradise where everyone can find something to love, dogs included.

However, when an entire winter’s worth of snow is covering the ground and trails it may feel like a struggle to find a place for your dog to play. Mammoth Bound is built around helping everyone who visits Mammoth Lakes love it just as much as we do, and since dogs love the trails, lakes, and mountains here we’ve put together a short list of things to do with them during winter.

Keep reading to see the best things to do with your dog during a Mammoth Lakes winter, and then find the best lodging and rental deals in Mammoth Lakes with Mammoth Bound!

Snowshoe and Cross Country Ski with a Leash

If you have the right gear, then there’s no reason why you can’t keep exploring the trails in Mammoth Lakes with your dog during winter.

You’ll need cross country ski gear or snowshoes to comfortably walk on most trails during winter, but you shouldn’t forget a leash for your dog since they are required while in the forests and trails surrounding Mammoth Lakes. 

Always keep your dog off groomed cross country ski trails if you’re walking there and instead use the walking paths nearby. The trail leading up to Minaret Vista is a great choice if you have the proper gear and a leash for your dog, but it’s not the only one. 

You should also be prepared to pick up anything your dog leaves behind on the trail and pack it out with you. If your dog goes to the bathroom on the trail, pick up what you can, pack it out, and dispose of it so everyone can enjoy the trails!

Play in the Snow

A few inches of snow is fun to play in, but a few feet is a nightmare to walk through without the right gear, much less play in.

Still, there are public areas where the snow is either thin or compacted enough for dogs to play. There are currently plans for a public dog park to be built near Shady Rest Park, but until it’s open all you need is an open public area, a few toys or sticks for a game of fetch, and enough energy to keep up with your furry friend!

Go for a Car Ride

If you can’t find a place to play or walk with your dog, then you can always go for a car ride through the beautiful Eastern Sierra Mountains that surround Mammoth Lakes.

Snow often blocks most roads that lead into the mountains like the road up to Minaret Vista, but a short drive up 395 in either direction will give you and your four-legged friend great views no matter how much snow is on the ground. 

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