What Are Some Simple Tricks to Try on My Snowboard?

The terrain at popular wintertime destinations like Mammoth Mountain provides plenty of opportunities to try out some fun and simple tricks on a snowboard. An ollie is often considered the easiest snowboarding trick to learn how to do, but there are some others that fall into the fairly easy category as well. Here are three easy snowboarding tricks you’re welcome to try, brought to you by the team at Mammoth Bound, your premier choice for snowboard rental. Mammoth snowboarders can rely on us for the high-quality equipment they need to make the most of their time on the mountain.


Let’s start with the ollie. This is one of the first tricks many snowboarders learn how to do, since it can serve as the basis for other tricks and moves. It can also be learned comfortably and safely on solid ground, which is also true of the other tricks below.

All you’re doing with this trick is popping up the tail of the board as you slide and jump to get briefly airborne. Do an ollie on a snowboard by:

• Placing the board in front of you toward the center of your body
• Flexing your back leg and pulling your front leg up in a way that causes your board to flex or “pop”
• Springing off with your back foot and the tail part of the board
• Flexing both legs while in the air to make the board parallel to the ground
• Landing on both feet to absorb the impact from the landing

Tail/Nose Press

The tail and nose press are related tricks, since they both come in handy when learning how to shift your weight on your board. This is a skill that can be used as you work on getting comfortable with going downhill and trying more advanced maneuvers. You’re essentially just changing direction with these tricks.

A tail press, as the name implies, involves pressure placed on the tail end of your board when it’s sideways. To do a tail press, take the following steps:


  • Flex your back leg and extend your front one so your weight shifts to the tail part of your board
  • Aim to shift your hips or trunk over your rear foot instead of leaning back
  • Move the center of your body over your back foot until the front part of the board lifts up 

Make it easier to learn this trick by keeping your arms and shoulders aligned with your snowboard. Doing so makes it easier to maintain your balance.

As for the nose press, the steps are similar. However, you’ll be shifting your weight forward over the nose of the board instead of the tail. You’ll also flex your front leg instead of the back one.

Flat Spin 360

With this move, you’re rotating slowly and steadily in a complete circle by shifting your weight to whatever foot is leading at the moment. At the same time, you’ll lift the toes on your back foot to create the natural force needed to continuously rotate. Once you get comfortable with doing a full circle spin, try it on a hill with a gentle slope.

If you need advice on how to have a blast when you’re snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain, stop in and chat with the snow sports experts at Mammoth Bound. When they’re looking for premier Mammoth snowboard rentals, our customers come back again and again for our high-quality service and expert knowledge. Drop by when you’re on the mountain or contact us at [email protected].

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