The Most Unique Features for Skiers and Snowboarders at Mammoth Mountain

There are plenty of ski mountains all over the world with great snow and tons of terrain, but the thing that makes people travel to Mammoth Mountain other than the terrain and the snow is all of the unique features spread out over 3,000+ acres of skiable terrain.

Whether it’s challenging natural features or innovative park setups that create lines no one has ever seen before, Mammoth Mountain has plenty of things that makes it unique. Check them out below!

The Hemlocks

Many skiers and snowboarders are able to get a feel for the backcountry by exploring the trees and steep runs towards the top of Mammoth Mountain, but when it comes to a legitimate backcountry experience within a ski resort’s boundaries there is no beating the Hemlocks.

The Eastern Sierra backcountry is simply too good to ignore, so the Mammoth Mountain team decided to make it a part of the Mammoth experience by creating a backcountry style terrain park on the backside of the mountain. You’ll find great snow, steep slopes, cliffs, and everything else that makes riding the backcountry special. You’ll even get the privilege of walking to the top of the run since the top of the Hemlocks are not accessible by ski lift.

Uphill Trails

Following along with the trend of bringing the backcountry to Mammoth Mountain, there are several uphill trails that allow skiers and splitboarders to hike from each of the base lodges.

If you have the stamina to hike all the way up Mammoth Mountain, you can get an uphill day ticket for only $29 and access the Eagle Lodge Route, Canyon Lodge Route, and West Summit Route. While the Eagle and Canyon Lodge Route do not go all the way to the summit, they do offer access to some of the best runs Mammoth has to offer like those off of Chair 22. As the name implies, the West Summit Route does offer access to Mammoth’s summit at 11,053 feet.

Kiwi Flats

You’ll find terrain that will challenge experts all over Mammoth, but Kiwi Flats is one of the most exciting double black diamonds on the mountain. If the steep slope and narrow beginning of the run don’t wake you up, then the cliff-like drop in is sure to do the trick. Plus, the narrow and steep start of the run pairs up perfectly with a wide-open ending that allows you to burn off any built-up speed.

ski and snowboard features at Unbund Park Mammoth Mountain

Unbound Terrain Parks

It doesn’t matter if you’re only comfortable hitting boxes or are perfecting your double cork, Mammoth’s Unbound Terrain Parks have something for you.

It’s not only the size and variation of the five terrain parks on the mountain that make the Unbound parks unique, but also the more than 20-year legacy of progressive features that encourage snowboarders and skiers to push their skills and creativity to the limit. No matter where you’ve been before, you’ll see something new when you ride unbound.

Find the Unbound Terrain Parks on the Mammoth Mountain Trail Maps.

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