The Best Expert Trails at Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Expert Trails

Everyone travels to Mammoth Mountain for different reasons, but every one of Mammoth’s millions of visitors have at least one thing in common.

They want to make a memory.

For many, that means spending a day in the snow while learning to ski and snowboard, but for expert snowboarders and skiers that means pushing their skills and nerve by riding the most challenging trails on the mountain. If you’re an expert rider or an experienced one looking to progress by challenging yourself, we’ve got the perfect list of Mammoth Expert trails below to help you have a memorable day at Mammoth Mountain. Check it out below before you visit Mammoth!

Mammoth Expert Trails

Kiwi Flats

Kiwi Flats’ steep slope and narrow chute loom over most of the trails at Mammoth, which means that you’ll be able to brag about riding it from just about anywhere on the mountain. Although this run is steep and short, judging your line from the drop-in as you look down the chute that hugs the beginning of the trail will make you feel as if you’re heli-skiing with the pros. To make things even better, Kiwi Flats is only a short ride from the summit and several other expert trails and views you can enjoy over and over again. Due to Kiwi Flats location on the mountain, it’s possible that the run is blanketed in ice or thin snow, so check to make sure the conditions are right to ride! If they are, then you can hit the top of the trail by taking Chair 23 and traversing over to the far side of the summit.

Dragon’s Back, Wazzo, and Dragon’s Tail

Riding expert trails naturally separates you from crowds, but putting in the work to get to Dragon’s Back and the other trails nearby will guarantee you some privacy on even the most crowded days. Although you can get to Dragon’s Back, Wazzo, Dragon’s Tail, and all of the different terrain types they offer by taking Cloud 9 Express, the best way to access these trails is by taking the Gondola to the summit and then going skier’s right. Dragon’s Back and its chutes and bowls is the first trail you’ll pass followed by Wazoo which combines rocky chutes and trees for a challenging ride. Lastly, if you keep traversing, you’ll have Dragon’s Tail and its steep tree-covered slopes at your feet.

Avalanche Chutes

Avalanche Chutes isn’t the highest trail, but its steep slope and unpredictable terrain make for some of the most challenging lines on the mountain. You can get to Avalanche Chutes and its cliffs by taking Chair 25 or 22 and turning skiers left at the Ski Patrol station. Once there, you’ll also have access to Viva which is an equally challenging trail with more trees than Avalanche Chutes.

The Hemlocks

You’ll have a hard time finding anything as close to the snow, slopes, and speed of the backcountry within boundaries anywhere other than The Hemlocks. In fact, The Hemlocks is actually a backcountry-style terrain park filled with kickers and other natural features. Take either Chair 23 or Chair 14 and then traverse to the far side of the mountain where you’ll need to hike to reach The Hemlocks’ drop-in.

Grizzly and Shaft

Grizzly and Shaft are another pair of runs where you’ll find some of the most challenging terrain on the mountain without having to go far out of your way. All you need to do is take Chair 22 and follow it down to ride Grizzly and Shaft!

Check out the Mammoth Mountain trail maps here, make sure to save a copy on your phone so you won’t get lost on the mountain!


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