Mammoth Lakes Summer Campgrounds

Mammoth Summer Campgrounds

People have been camping for longer than anything recorded in a history book or Google search, and despite all the modern luxuries and comforts we have today millions of people work a camping trip into their summers year after year.

Camping in Mammoth Lakes will remind you why.

From the comfortable temperatures to the incredible selection of outdoors activities, Mammoth Lakes is the perfect place to visit for your first camping trip or your thousandth camping trip. Before you enjoy everything Mammoth Lakes has to offer, you have to find a place to camp first. To help you plan your Mammoth Lakes camping trip we’ve put together a quick list of a few of the excellent summer campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes. Read about them below and find the perfect site for you!

Once you do, make sure to call ahead and reserve your spot in advance. Most campgrounds are not clear of snow until May at the earliest and fill up quickly after, and don’t forget the mosquito spray!


The Lake Mary Campground is one of the most popular summer campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes and for good reason.

Lake Mary is the largest lake in the area and is also home to one of the highest concentrations of trout, making it a fisherman’s paradise. Although swimming and wading in the lake is not allowed, you will be surrounded by spectacular views of the Eastern Sierras along with plenty of trails to access them by. The Lake Mary Campground fills up fast and stays that way, so always plan in advance by making a reservation!

If the lakeside campsite is full, try the Coldwater Campground nearby. What it lacks in views it makes up for in access to nearby trailheads and other activities.


Like Lake Mary, Twin Lakes Campground is located in the Mammoth Lakes basin just outside the town of Mammoth Lakes.

Twin Lakes Campground is a large site with plenty of camping plots, scenic views, and outdoor activities. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll be able to fish for trout, kayak, and even boat with an electric motor in Twin Lakes thanks to the Twin Lakes boat ramp. Plus, Twin Lakes campground provides a great view of Twin Falls!

Shady Rest Campgrounds

Both New Shady Rest Campgrounds and Old Shady Rest Campgrounds are located just off SR 203 before you drive into Mammoth Lakes.

While these campgrounds are not located next to any lakes, they offer plenty of campsites that are friendly to both tents and small to medium sized RVs and their location near the entrance
to Mammoth Lakes makes trips in town for supplies, dining, and shopping quick and easy. Plus, all the other outdoors activities Mammoth Lakes offers are within easy driving distance of the campgrounds!


Reds Meadow Cam ground is located 20 minutes outside the town of Mammoth Lakes near Devils Postpile National Monument.

Due to its location next to natural attractions like Devils Postpile National Monument, Reds Meadow Campground has been a popular camping spot for years. If you camp here, take advantage of the many natural attractions around you!


Sherwin Creek Campground offers conveniently located sites that feel like they are far away from Mammoth Lakes and civilization in general.

At Sherwin Creek you’ll be surrounded by waving pines and a have a bubbling creek nearby to keep you in touch with the Eastern Sierras’ natural splendor. If you want to dive further in, then there are plenty of trails, lakes, and other outdoor activities accessible by foot, car, and ATV.

What’s your favorite summer campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes? Let us know in the comments below!

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