Should I Be Leaning Forward when I Ski?

Some skiers are under the assumption it’s absolutely necessary to always lean forward when skiing. refers to this as a “small myth” about skiing that still lingers even among some advanced skiers. In fact, you only need to lean forward enough to maintain your balance and complete certain actions as you ski. The snow sports experts from Mammoth Bound, your premium choice for Mammoth ski rental, explain what you need to know about leaning forward and achieving the right balance when skiing.

Overcorrecting Beginner Mistakes

One of the reasons many skiers believe it’s necessary to lean forward on skis is because newer skiers often lean too far backward when they’re learning. Hence, instructors often tell beginner-level skiers to “lean forward” so they don’t lean too far backward and fall or lose their balance. Some skiers then assume this is what they need to keep in mind at all times when they’re on their skis.

Potential Problems with Excessive Leaning

As you learn and gain confidence on skis and get familiar with proper form and technique, leaning forward could create some new problems. Some of these may include:

• Making your skis bend so one end up comes up too high off the snow
• Losing turning force if your skis are damaged from excessive leaning
• Not having as much control while skiing, which increases the risk of falling

Balancing Your Weight on Skis

The general recommendation with skiing is to balance your weight in the middle of your skis. The reason for this recommendation is because the edges of skis are designed to provide most of the control while skiing. Therefore, keeping your weight in the middle allows the edges of your skis to function properly without being affected by excess pressure.

Why Some Forward Leaning Is Necessary

What you want to avoid while on skis is leaning forward so far that it throws off your balance. On skis, the bindings are set toward the back. This is why it’s actually necessary to lean forward to some extent to balance your weight toward the middle as you ski. Bindings are designed this way to make you bend your knees as you ski to improve your stance. The main times when it helps to lean forward on skis is typically when you’re:

• Starting maneuvers
• Sliding sideways
• Changing direction or making turns

Finding the Right Balance

When skiing, aim for a center balance to maintain sufficient resistance in the front and back. Forward leaning shouldn’t be avoided altogether, though, for the reasons mentioned above. Still, it’s not something you’ll need to do at all times. Keep your focus on finding the right balance with forward leaning and other ski-related postures. If you’re a beginner, you’ll get a better sense of balance with practice. This is something you can do at popular Mammoth-area destinations like Mammoth Mountain, which has trails appropriate for all skill levels.

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