Our Favorite Mammoth Lakes Events this June

Ready to get outside in Mammoth Lakes? June is the perfect time to visit!

June in Mammoth Lakes is when summer truly kicks off, which means it’s the ideal time to fish, hike, or camp in one of the most beautiful alpine settings on the planet. This year though, Mammoth’s record setting snowfall means that you’ll also be able to ski and snowboard at Mammoth Mountain throughout June.

Check out our favorite Mammoth Lakes events this June so you spend less time planning and more time doing during your trip. Then visit Mammoth Bound for the best deals on rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

World Quarterpipe Championships June 3rd

Slushy snow is a blast to ride, but it can also be difficult to push your skiing or snowboarding on. That’s why the Mammoth Mountain park pros have built a 28 foot quarterpipe for some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the world to throw their best tricks off of.

Spectators are invited to watch the participants compete for first place, so set some time aside from slashing the slush to watch this competition!

Mammoth Feel Good Festival June 16 and June 17th

As if summer in Mammoth Lakes couldn’t get any sweeter, there will be free music in The Village thanks to the Mammoth Feel Good Festival this June.

If that’s not enough, you get to enjoy the tunes after a long day outside as the sun sets over the mountains all for free!

Village Summer Jam June 23-24th

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, another free music festival rolls into town with the Village Summer Jam.

The Summer Jam will take place in the Mammoth Lakes Village so you can enjoy the music for free while eating and drinking at a restaurant patio!

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