What’s the Latest Time I Can Ski at Mammoth?

How Late Can You Ski in Mammoth in Mammoth, CA

Some diehard skiing enthusiasts would love nothing more than to ski all day and night. Realistically, there are limits to keep in mind for practical purposes. Unless you’re at the base of the mountain and not fully dependent on lifts, skiing at Mammoth typically wraps up when the lifts stop running. Here’s what you need to know about your options with skiing throughout the day at Mammoth and how late you can go, brought to you by the friendly folks at Mammoth Bound, the place to go for high-quality Mammoth ski rentals and stylish accessories to keep you warm on the slopes, including Mammoth beanies and gaiters.

Use Mammoth Lift Hours as a Guide

Mammoth Mountain’s official lift hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily in the main ski areas here, weather permitting. In other words, plan to wrap up your day of skiing in Mammoth around the time when the lifts are set to stop operating. This also applies at nearby June Mountain, which has similar lift hours. Also, keep an eye on weather conditions to know when you might need to wrap up a bit earlier. Mammoth has an app you can use to keep up with such things.

Start Early to Enjoy a Full Day of Skiing

You can absolutely get in a full day of skiing when you come to Mammoth. One way to accomplish this goal is to wake up early and hit the powder as soon as the lifts start operating. You can even get an extra hour of lift time and skiing if you’re an Ikon Passholder. On certain dates, Mammoth has “early ups” exclusively for passholders. What this means is an extra hour of lift access.

Enjoy the Many Perks of Later-Day Skiing

Making the most out of your Mammoth skiing experience during the afternoon hours is another option to consider. This may be more appealing to you if starting bright and early isn’t doable—or preferable—for you. By the way, the Eleven53 Café at the summit of the mountain has some refreshing java and other treats if you need a quick pick-me-up before you ski. Afternoon or later-day skiing in Mammoth also comes with added perks that include:

• Having an opportunity to fuel up with an on-site brunch or lunch before you start skiing
• Being able to take some on-site lessons in the morning so you can try out what you’ve learned later
• Getting a good deal on afternoon-only lift tickets, which are discounted 25 percent

Use Evening Hours to Relax & Unwind

Just because you’ll have to cap your day of skiing around four in the afternoon when the lifts stop operating doesn’t mean your day has to end. In fact, there are many ways you can relax and unwind in the evening in the Mammoth area. One option is to hang out at one of the on-site lodges. The Village at Mammoth is an especially popular spot, since it’s located in the heart of the action. There’s also a shopping area and some well-recommended restaurants here. 

Now that you know how late you can ski, plan ahead and prepare to have a great time at Mammoth Mountain. If you’re looking for stylish Mammoth apparel or you need high-quality snowboard or ski rentals in Mammoth, Mammoth Bound is your one-stop shop for everything you need to have a great time on the slopes. Stop by on your way to the mountain or contact us at [email protected].

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