Camber or Rocker: What Type of Snowboard You Need for Your Riding Style

Rocker Vs Camber What Type of Snowboard You Need for Your Riding Style in Mammoth, CA

Every sport has specific terms that go along with it, and snowboarding is no different. When it comes to snowboards, two terms you may hear as you go about the process of choosing a board to rent or buy are “rocker” and “camber.” These are two different types of snowboard profiles. Below, the snow sports experts from Mammoth Bound, where you’ll find everything from cozy gaiters to trendy Mammoth logo wear, go over what tends to work well for various riding styles to give you a better feel for what may be right for you.

Rocker Boards

The rocker snowboard profile is so named because it resembles the bottom part of a rocking chair. A rocker board looks like a stretched-out “u” in shape that causes the edges in the middle to be slightly lower instead of flat. Sometimes referred to as reverse camber boards, rocker snowboards are known for being more adaptable to different riding styles.

Camber Boards

Camber boards have a longer history as far as snowboard profiles go. A camber board has a concave portion in the middle that flattens out when you step on it. The main points of contact with the snow are the head and tail of the board. Camber profiles are often appreciated by snowboarders preferring a “pop” or “bounce” as they snowboard.

Camber Profile Perks

Once weight is applied, camber boards have a continuous edge against the snow. This is beneficial if you’re a newer snowboarder preferring more stability. You’ll also get added traction and greater stability in turns. If you’re just getting started with regular snowboarding, you may prefer this riding style as you brush up on your abilities and gain confidence. 

You’ll also get better balance on rails with a camber snowboard. This can be good if you prefer more groomed resort slopes, such as those common at popular places like Mammoth Mountain.

Rocker Profile Advantages

All-mountain snowboarders tend to gravitate toward rocker profile boards. You may also prefer a rocker board if you have a tendency to shift among different types of terrain. These boards have added “floatation” as well that’s good for deeper snow. 

If you’re a more advanced snowboarder, you’ll be able to make tighter turns with a rocker board, especially on softer powder. The leading edge of a rocker board doesn’t dig too deep into the snow, which can be appealing if you tend to be more aggressive with your moves and turns as you snowboard.

Giving Both Profiles a Try

Rocker profiles aren’t just for advanced boarders. Some newcomers to snowboarding prefer this style as well because of the versatility with terrain. As you explore your options, consider renting both camber and rocker boards. This gives you a chance to try out both designs to determine what works best for your riding style. Once you find a profile you like, you can always invest in a top-quality board of your own.

Hybrid Designs

Most major snowboard manufacturers offer a mix of rocker and camber boards. It’s also becoming more common for hybrid designs to be available. These are boards that uniquely blend profiles into a single board. Extend your experimentation with board profiles to include some hybrid models, which is also easier to do if you rent first.

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