Etiquette Rules for Skiing

Etiquette Rules for Skiing in Mammoth, CA

Many people would likely agree there’s always room for proper etiquette in life. This extends to some of the things you do for recreation or personal enjoyment, a list that can include skiing. In this case, we’re mainly talking about the little things here and there that can make time spent cascading through fresh powder and getting some “air time” on skis even more safe and enjoyable for everyone—yourself included. The snow sports experts from Mammoth Bound, your top choice for Mammoth ski rentals, offer a few tips on proper etiquette when you’re on the slopes.

Give the Skier in Front of You the Right of Way

We understand the urge to just want to do your thing on busy days at popular ski destinations like Mammoth Mountain. However, any skier in front of you should have the right of way, even if he or she is a bit slower than you are. At the very least, give other skiers sufficient space so they don’t feel rushed or get distracted.

Land Where You Can Be Seen

Always land or stop in a spot that’s visible to other skiers. This tip is also important because it helps you and other skiers remain safe by preventing someone from accidentally landing on you.

Don’t Ski in Areas beyond Your Current Skill Level

If you’re still at the beginner or intermediate stage, don’t use a more advanced trail or area to practice. Aside from potentially being a safety issue for you, it can be frustrating for more advanced skiers to have to maneuver around skiers with less experience.

Don’t Cut in the Lift Line

Waiting is the hardest part of the skiing experience. Still, it’s sometimes necessary on busy days when the lifts are full and in constant use. Besides, it’s not a good idea to get off on the wrong foot with other skiers by being “that person” who cuts the line.

Don’t Litter

Be considerate of others and the resort by not ditching your litter before you get on the lift or when you get off. Instead, look for trash bins, which are often located near the lifts. At Mammoth Mountain, there’s also a café at the top of the summit where you can throw away anything left over from your meal or snack.

Check on Fallen Skiers

You don’t necessarily have to administer CPR if you see a fallen skier. That said, it’s still a good idea to at least see if the person is all right or in need of serious attention so you can contact someone to provide assistance if need be.

Don’t Ski into Closed or Roped-Off Areas

There’s a reason certain areas are sometimes closed or roped off. It’s usually because conditions aren’t safe at the moment, so don’t ignore any barricades, ropes, or signage. Again, this is also for your own safety.

Watch Where You Stand in the Lift Line

Be mindful of others around you in the lift line by making sure you’re not unintentionally standing on someone else’s skis. Also, watch how you move with your ski poles so you’re not creating a potential situation with other skiers.

Be Friendly on Lift Rides

A lift chair isn’t the same as an elevator. Instead of being standoffish, feel free to say hi to other lift users. However, if someone has earbuds in or clearly doesn’t appear to be receptive to small talk, it’s okay to skip the pleasantries.

You’ll boost your chances of having a great skiing trip to Mammoth this season if you follow these basic rules of skiing etiquette. Whether they need etiquette tips or high-quality ski rental in Mammoth, visitors can rely on the team at Mammoth Bound for exceptional service and great advice from snow sports experts. Drop by our shop or contact us at [email protected].

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