Tips for Skiing Safely as the COVID Pandemic Continues

How to Ski Safely During COVID in Mammoth, CA

Skiing is a fun, invigorating activity ideal for people of all ages and skill levels. At the same time, it’s important to keep safety in mind, which includes being mindful of COVID guidelines and concerns. The good news is it’s absolutely possible to have a great time skiing at popular places like Mammoth Mountain during COVID. We offer tips, suggestions, and reminders below.

Buy Your Lift Tickets Online

If you have a need to be extra cautious with COVID, you may prefer to get your lift tickets online before you arrive. Plus, you can just head right to the lifts when you arrive by doing this, which further minimizes contact. Also, Mammoth often offers discounts for online purchases as an added incentive.

Be Mindful of Distances

Maintaining a safe distance isn’t really much of a concern when you’re actually skiing, since you’ll need to do this for practical reasons anyway. However, do be mindful of anyone else around you when:

• Riding the lifts and getting off
• Waiting in lines, especially in popular or crowded ski areas
• Preparing to ski in your preferred area
• Wrapping up your day of skiing and heading back to the lodge

Shy Away from Really Packed Areas

It’s not always easy to remain a proper distance away from others in really crowded ski areas. However, what you can do is pick your preferred ski spot in advance based on the level of current activity. Mammoth Mountain has a mobile app that makes it easier to do this. Also, since popular resorts like Mammoth have so much terrain, it’s not too difficult to find a less crowded ski area appropriate for your skill level.

Be Mindful of Face Covering Requirements

As far as face coverings go, this is something most people will be doing anyway to keep warm as they ski by protecting their skin from cold temperatures with items such as Mammoth Mountain gaiters. Still, do keep facial covering guidelines in mind at all times, especially when indoors.

Pay Attention to Signs

Many resorts are making things easier for skiers with clearly posted signs that help with spacing and crowd limitations. Mammoth has designated walking areas and one-way exit and entry points with signs for guidance.

Consider Private Ski Lessons

With ski lessons, maintain your safety and give yourself some added peace of mind during COVID by considering private lessons. If group lessons are preferred, express a preference to be in a smaller group.

Order Your Food Remotely

For many skiers, part of the experience involves taking breaks now and then to fuel up. During COVID, you can minimize contact by doing this with remote or to-go food ordering. Using Mammoth as an example, this is something you can do with the resort’s mobile app.

Cancel or Postpone Your Ski Trip if You Don’t Feel Well

Lastly, err on the side of caution and postpone or cancel your ski trip if you’re not feeling well. Mammoth has adjusted its cancellation policy to make it easier to cancel or reschedule anything purchased or reserved in advance. 

If you need advice on how to enjoy the slopes safely during the pandemic, reach out to the experts at Mammoth Bound. We have all the latest information on slope safety measures, and we can hook you up with all the Mammoth Mountain apparel you need to stay warm during your mountain adventure. Mammoth visitors know they can rely on us for great service and expert advice. Drop by our shop or contact us at [email protected].

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