7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Skiers and Snowboarders

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Skiers and Snowboarders

The best gifts are the ones that help people do the things they love, and since Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of winter it’s the perfect opportunity to give the skier or snowboarder you love whatever they need to get on the snow.

Mammoth Bound is built around the belief that everyone should experience the natural beauty of our home in Mammoth Lakes. If the best way for your valentine to do that is by getting on the snow at Mammoth Mountain, then we have the perfect Valentine’s gift guide for you below! Check it out and then plan you and your Valentine’s trip to Mammoth Lakes with Mammoth Bound!

Spa Day

No matter how much you and your Valentine want to ski or snowboard non-stop, the truth is that both sports wear down your body. That wear and tear can lead to injuries, so schedule time to rest by booking a spa day with your partner during your next ski or snowboard trip.

Some people may not want to be away from the snow while they’re on a ski trip, so consider booking your spa day as soon as you get home as well. Otherwise, Mammoth Lakes has plenty of spa and relaxation options to choose from!

Après and Dinner Plans

No matter if they’re a pro rider or a complete beginner, your Valentine will need a good meal after a day of skiing or snowboarding. Give them the perfect ending to a day on the mountain by planning a great dinner with après ski drinks and bites beforehand!

Ski town restaurants and bars typically offer great deals on happy hour drinks and food, so find the best one for you and your partner and then book a dinner after to cap a memorable day!

Winter Adventure

If the skier or snowboarder in your life is up for new experiences, then consider booking them a winter adventure.

For example, Mammoth Mountain offers snowmobile tours through the Eastern Sierra wilderness as well as other winter activities like snow tubing. You can also book your partner a lesson or clinic like Mammoth Mountain’s backcountry clinic to help them keep growing into the sport they love!

Lift Tickets

The simplest way to help someone get on the snow is by buying them lift tickets if they don’t already have a season pass to their favorite mountain. Even if they do have a season pass, you can buy them lift tickets to a mountain that they love but don’t get to visit often.

Check sites like Liftopia for the best deals on lift tickets.

Wool Apparel

One of the most important pieces of gear a skier or snowboarder owns is their base layers since they keep the rider warm and dry while on the snow.

Make sure your Valentine has the right base layers by buying them gear made of moisture wicking material like smartwool and Marino wool. Shirts, long underwear, and socks may not seem like a great gift at first, but they will make a world of difference on the snow!

Skin Care and Sunscreen

Sunshine and cold air can damage our skin after long exposure, so make sure your partner has everything they need to protect and restore their skin after a long day on the mountain! 

Coffee and Beer from Their Favorite Mountain Town

Lastly, give your Valentine the gift of their favorite beer, coffee, or other beverage from their favorite ski town so that they can relive their best ski days whether they’re a thousand miles away or in the middle of summer.

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