5 Tips for Camping with Your Family

Mammoth Bound is all about sharing the beautiful natural splendor in our backyard in Mammoth Lakes. One of the best ways to do that is to have families camp here and create special memories outside.

To help do that, the Mammoth Bound team has listed 5 of the best tips for camping with your family below. This list is focused on families that have children and teenagers, but it is also applicable to families of all shapes and sizes!

Check it out and then plan your family camping trip to Mammoth Lakes by finding the best rental and activity deals in the area with Mammoth Bound!

Rent E-Bikes or Bikes to Expand Your Activities

Want to expand your activity options without driving? Rent bikes or e-bikes for your family!

Although walking through a place like Mammoth Lakes is always beautiful, if you bike then you get to enjoy the mountain air while also seeing more than you can by foot. If you rent an e-bike with a pedal assist, then you can go even further with less effort which is ideal for families that have young children. That’s why we love e-bikes at Mammoth Bound!

Whether you’re only riding around your campground or want to see the entire area you’re camping in, a bike or e-bike will get you there!

Camp in the Backyard First

One of the best ways to get kids excited for camping is by setting up a tent in your backyard or living room for a night!

Camping for the first time gets kids excited to do it in a campground and gives them valuable experience. That way, they’ll have some idea of what to expect during the real camping trip.

If you can’t make a fire or are limited by the space you have then get creative with games and other things you have at home with you to create a complete experience. If you do it right then they’ll be counting down the days to the real camping trip.

Involve Kids in Planning and Set Up

One of the easiest ways to get your kids and other family members invested in your camping trip is by letting them have a say in what you’ll do and setting up your campsite.

There are some things that only experienced adults should do like setting up a fire ring or cutting firewood, but things like setting up a tent or choosing what you’ll do next can be done by anyone.

The more you involve them, the more experience your kids will get. The more experience they have, the more involved they can be in future camping trips!

Have Fun with Your Family, Whatever That Looks Like

Remember that the point of camping with your family is to have fun. Fun looks different to each family though.

If fun means a 10-mile hike, then do that. If it means watching a movie in your tent, then do that instead. The only wrong way to camp is whatever way makes you and your family not want to come back. As long as you leave no trace and have fun, you’re camping well.

Make Space at Camp and During Activities

Lastly, don’t forget that camping means spending a full day together, and if you’re sleeping in the same tent then it means a full day and night together.

Some people need space to pursue their own interests or recharge by themselves. If there’s someone in your family who matches that description, then make sure they have their own tent and a chance to spend some time on their own.

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