Your Guide to Spring Break in Mammoth Lakes

Your Guide to Spring Break in Mammoth Lakes

Spring rolling around for most people means that it’s time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather with a trip to the lake or beach. If you’re like the Mammoth Bound team though, then warm spring temperatures means it’s time to head for the mountains to enjoy the last few months of winter. 

If you’re hoping to ski away the tail-end of your winter, then Mammoth Lakes is the perfect place to spend your spring break. That’s not all you can do at Mammoth Lakes during the spring though, so we’ve listed the best things to do in Mammoth Lakes during spring break below!

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Après Any Outdoor Activity

Après ski gets all the attention, but anyone who has spent enough time in the mountains will tell you that a great drink paired with delicious food and a view is the best way to end any outdoor activity.

During spring in Mammoth Lakes, you can spend your day skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, climbing, or doing just about any other outdoor adventure, so don’t limit yourself! You can grab a drink and bite to eat at one of Mammoth Lakes excellent restaurants, take something home and enjoy it on your own patio, or anything in between. The only requirement is good food, great drinks, and a comfortable place to rest and enjoy the mountain air so that you can do it all over again tomorrow.

Spring Ski and Snowboard at Mammoth Mountain

If you’re visiting Mammoth Lakes, then you probably know about Mammoth Mountain’s incredible terrain and deep base that allows it to stay open deep into spring and even summer in high snow years.

Why not enjoy all of it while the sun is shining and the snow is forgiving?

Although powder days are harder to come by during the spring, Mammoth Mountain’s base is deep enough to stick around during the entirety of spring’s warmer temperatures. In fact, the soft snow and comfortable temperatures typically create a fun surface that’s perfect for fun riding and skiing. 

We recommend hitting the slopes during the morning when the snow is at its firmest from the overnight freeze. If you don’t like riding the slushy snow that tends to show up by the afternoon, then ski in the morning and hike later in the day!

Hike Where the Trails are Clear

Everyone is sad to see the snow melting around Mammoth Lakes, but that fades away as soon as they step onto a hiking trail for the first time in the spring.

Although higher elevation trails will have snow well into spring and even summer after a winter with heavy accumulation, there are still plenty of low-lying trails that are beautiful and perfect for getting into the spring air on. Most hiking trails in the area are in national forests, so check their websites to see if or when they will be open for the spring!

Spring into a Hot Spring 

Spring weather doesn’t mean hot weather in Mammoth Lakes, and the best way to stay warm while in Mammoth Lakes is by visiting one of its natural hot springs.

Most hot springs are unreachable by car during the winter due to snow on the roads leading to them, so make sure your car can get you to the spring before you set out!

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