Why Mammoth Mountain is the Best Place to Ski and Snowboard in California

Mammoth is the best place to ski in America

Why Mammoth Mountain is the Best Place to Ski and Snowboard in California

We talk a lot about Mammoth Mountain here at Mammoth Bound, but it’s not just because Mammoth is our home mountain. 

People travel from all over the world to ride at Mammoth, and that’s saying a lot since Mammoth is surrounded by several other world class mountains in California alone, not to mention nearby in Oregon, Utah, and Colorado further East. Unless you’re as familiar with Mammoth Mountain as we are, you may be wondering why people still choose Mammoth when there are so many other mountains nearby.

We’ve answered that question below. Check it out to see why Mammoth Mountain is the best ski resort in California, and then use Mammoth Bound to book your Mammoth lodging and rentals!

High Elevation Means Longer Seasons

We’ll talk about why Mammoth Mountain gets as much snow as it does, but the main reason it stays around for as long as it does is Mammoth’s elevation.

With a base elevation of 9,000 ft, Mammoth Mountain weather stays colder for longer than many other mountains nearby. Not only does that mean there’s a better chance snow falls on Mammoth, but it also means that the snow that does fall sticks around well into spring and even into summer some years.

The combination of high snow and long seasons makes Mammoth one of the most popular ski resorts in all of the American West. In fact, Mammoth Mountains summit is the highest lift-served peak in California at 11.053 feet!

Natural Geography Makes Mammoth Mountain Snow

Many ski resorts have to rely on snow blowing to keep their coverage up throughout the season, but Mammoth is fortunate enough to be at the center of natural geography that funnels snow towards it.

The Eastern Sierra Mountains allow for storms to naturally move towards Mammoth Mountain, and as they rise in elevation with the mountains, they begin to drop snow. That’s why Mammoth typically gets around 400 inches of snow every year. Even once the weather warms up, the base at Mammoth Mountains still takes months to melt away, and it’s not unusual for large storms to hit well into spring. 

It doesn’t hurt either that somehow between all those storms Mammoth Mountain still averages 300 days of sunshine every year!

Enough Terrain to Last an Entire Season

Mammoth’s name isn’t a coincidence. 

Mammoth Mountain is home to 3,500 skiable acres, which is enough to keep you riding all season without getting bored. It also helps that the acreage is extremely diverse.

There are gentle groomed runs perfect for learning as well as steep groomers that will thrill anyone looking for speed. Then, there are steep bowls and chutes near the summit that will be the closest you get to big mountain backcountry riding within any resort’s boundaries. Of course, there’s also incredible tree runs and steep ungroomed terrain where you’ll find powder, cliffs, and everything else you need to have a blast on the snow.

And that’s not even mentioning Mammoth Mountain’s world-famous Unbound Terrain parks where professionals come to ride from all over the world!

An Incredible Community to Call Home

Lastly, Mammoth Mountain is surrounded by a community that has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a luxury mountain experience that you can ski up to, or simply want a warm place to rest with great food within walking distance, Mammoth Lakes has it all. Plus, this town is obsessed with outdoor sports, so if you need someone to share your love for the outdoors with then you’ll have plenty of ears ready to listen!

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