What Equipment Is Necessary for Snowboarding?

What Essential Gear Do You Need for Snowboarding in Mammoth, CA

Being prepared is important when planning a trip that will largely revolve around one particular activity. If snowboarding is the activity you plan to enjoy at a popular location like Mammoth Mountain, part of the planning process is making sure you have the right gear. We run through the essentials needed for snowboarding below so you can cross everything off your list and have a great time when you hit the fresh powder.


There are many options available with snowboards. Take some time to select one that’s appropriate for your body size and skill level. Newcomers may prefer a shorter freestyle board that’s easier to control. Also pay attention to:

• The width of the board
• Board “pop” or bounce when on a flat surface
• Personal snowboarding style and what you prefer to do


Bindings are equally essential as far as gear goes, since they connect your boots to your board. Bindings come in varying sizes and should be selected to fit your boots and level of comfort. Ideally, you should have bindings that are secure but not so tight you can’t easily shift foot pressure.


Alpine, freestyle, and freeride are the more common types of snowboard boots. These boots come in regular shoe sizes, but don’t automatically assume boots will fit just because you get ones matching your shoe size. If you’re going to opt for snowboard rental in Mammoth, take some time to try on your boots before you rent them. Doing so gives you a chance to choose snowboarding boots that are snug but not too restrictive.


Going without socks isn’t recommended when wearing boots, since these essential accessories keep your feet warm. But don’t opt for socks that are thick, since snowboarding boots are already insulated. Synthetic or moisture-wicking socks are often recommended to minimize foot sweat issues.


Even if you’re a more experienced snowboarder, a helmet is essential to protect your head should you take a tumble. It’s especially important if you’re still a beginner. A helmet should be comfortable and supportive but still allow for normal head and neck movement.

Clothing & Accessories

With clothing for snowboarding, start with a base for warmth. A middle layer is recommended for colder days, with common options including sweaters and fleeces. The top layer for snowboarding is a jacket that provides added protection from wind and moisture. You also want clothing that’s breathable so you don’t get too warm or uncomfortable while snowboarding. However, it’s best to avoid cotton, since it retains too much heat. Instead, go with synthetic materials or wool to get more control over moisture.

Accessories often recommended for snowboarding include:

• Snowboarding gloves – Protect your hands with waterproof insulated gloves that also provide warmth. Look for gloves that are durable enough to stand up to regular use and wear.
• Goggles – Goggles can be considered essential, since they protect your eyes from any debris that may get near your eyes while snowboarding. They also reduce glare.

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