The Best Places to E-Bike in Mammoth Lakes

With as much as there is to see and do in Mammoth Lakes, you’ll need a little help if you’re going to do it all.

That’s why Mammoth Bound loves e-bikes!

Thanks to Mammoth Lakes’ beautiful weather, stunning views, and unforgettable nature, we offer e-bike rentals so everyone can see just why we love our home as much as we do. To go even further, we’ve listed a few of the best places to ride an e-bike in Mammoth Lakes below.

Check it out and then rent an e-bike with Mammoth Bound!

The Lakes Basin

There isn’t a more accessible and bike friendly place in Mammoth Lakes than the Lakes Basin.

Whether you hop on the free Mammoth Trolley or ride straight into the Lakes Basin on your e-bike, the area is just outside of Mammoth Lakes and can even be walked to. Once there you’ll enjoy a road and paved trail that connects several alpine lakes surrounded by mountain views.

The paved path and road make the lakes basin an easy place to ride an e-bike and most of the area is flat and friendly to people who are still getting comfortable riding a bike.

On top of that, the Lakes Basin is full of trails and lakes that are perfect for hiking, fishing, and just about any other outdoor activity you can think of. Whether you’re riding an e-bike here just to ride or to reach another activity, you can do it in the Lakes Basin!

Mammoth Scenic Loop

If you’re looking for a longer, cycling friendly road that still has easy sections on it to ride your e-bike, then the Mammoth Scenic Loop is a perfect option for you!

On top of beautiful views and dense forest that surrounds the road, Mammoth Scenic Loop is a great choice since it has fewer cars than most roads in the area. The road that stretches between Mammoth Lakes and Highway 395 is just under 6 miles, and experienced cyclists will often make a loop out of the ride by biking back into town on the 395.

You can make your ride as long or short as you want though and will still see plenty of beauty no matter what you choose!

Mammoth Lakes Town Loop

The town loop is the perfect way to get a taste everything the mountains surrounding Mammoth Lakes has to offer, and an e-bike will help you focus on the beautiful views even more.

The paved trail is the perfect place to get comfortable with the pedal assist, but as with all roads you must make sure you always stay under control.

E-Bikes on Mountain Bike Trails

Since there are e-bikes designed for mountain biking, you may be wondering if you can ride them on mountain bike trails.

Many mountain biking trails don’t allow e-bikes, and knowing which ones do can be difficult so always check beforehand if you’re going to ride an e-bike on a mountain biking trail. Mammoth Mountain Bike Park does allow e-bikes on certain trails, so check it out if you’re an e-biker who also mountain bikes!

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