Can I Benefit from Taking Snowboarding Lessons?

Should You Take Snowboarding Lessons in Mammoth, CA

No matter what your level of experience happens to be, snowboarding lessons can be beneficial in one way or another. Granted, not every snowboarding enthusiast needs to take lessons. Still, expert guidance and instruction certainly has many appealing perks and advantages. If you’re toying with the idea of taking snowboarding lessons, here’s what to consider as you weigh your options and make your decision.

Lessons Are Very Beneficial if You’re New to Snowboarding

Proper board positioning and weight distribution and getting a feel for how to safely land are among the many things new snowboarders need to learn to have a safe, enjoyable time. While you may be able to pick things up from a more experienced friend, it’s typically easier to learn the basics in a more structured setting.

Snowboarding Lessons Aren’t Just for Newbies

Experienced snowboarders often dismiss the idea of taking lessons because they assume it’s only something new boarders should do. However, this isn’t true at all. Lessons are typically tailored to individual needs, goals, and experience levels. Therefore, it’s possible for seasoned boarders to benefit from lessons by:

• Learning how to safely try new tricks or moves
• Having technique and form evaluated to learn if any adjustments need to be made
• Gaining the confidence to try more advanced or challenging terrain

Lessons Are Provided in Many Different Ways

Some resorts and companies offer group lessons, but it’s not unusual for solo lessons to be available as well. Group lessons tend to be more beneficial if you’re just learning, since encouragement from others with the same experience level can provide a confidence boost. Solo lessons might be preferred if you’re more experienced and only need some pointers about a few specific things.

There are also lessons offered in a way that divides groups by skill level, so it’s possible to take group lessons with other more experienced boarders. Lessons may also be tailored to the needs of younger boarders or for adults only. At Mammoth Mountain, ski and snowboard lesson options include:

• Kids’ group lessons
• Adult discovery lessons for ages 13 and up
• Adult intermediate and advanced clinics at the Main Lodge
• Private lessons and guides for all ages and abilities
• Snowboard and ski schools at each base lodge, with a special area for kids

Snowboarding Lessons Can Often Be Taken On-Site

One other reason to take snowboarding lessons is because it’s typically convenient and easy to do so in popular winter activity locations. At Mammoth Mountain, lessons can be taken on-site in the same areas where you’ll be able to test out your skills or try new things you’ve learned after your lessons.

Preparing for Snowboarding Lessons

If you opt to throw on your Mammoth Mountain beanie and take snowboarding lessons, it’s important to get the most out of the experience. Boost your odds of accomplishing this goal by:

• Renting or bringing everything you’ll need (e.g., snowboard, bindings, boots, appropriate clothing, etc.)
• Not being shy about asking questions
• Discussing your goals or specific needs ahead of time if you’re more advanced
• Regularly practicing between lessons as much as possible

If you need snowboarding tips or gear before you hit the mountain, Mammoth Bound is your one-stop shop for renting the equipment and buying the Mammoth Mountain clothing you need to have a great time on the mountain. Stop by on your way to the mountain or contact us at [email protected].


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