How to Make Skiing and Snowboarding with Kids Easy

How to Make Skiing and Snowboarding with Kids Easy

No matter who you are, when you start skiing or snowboarding you’re going to spend a lot of time falling in the snow.

When your young enough though, falling in the snow is part of the fun. 

That’s why the Mammoth Bound team encourages parents or anyone looking to keep a young person active and outside to teach them to ski or snowboard! To help you start their journey, the Mammoth Bound team has put together a list of tips to introduce your kids to skiing or snowboarding. 

Check them out below, and then book your Mammoth Mountain trip with Mammoth Bound!

Keep Things Fun

The most important thing to remember when teaching a young person to ski or snowboard is that they must have fun if they’re going to get through the day.

It’s easy to get frustrated after spending an entire day falling in the snow, and some kids would rather just play in the snow then try to balance on a board or skis. That’s why you must make it clear that you’re on the snow to have fun, not to be a great skier or snowboarder.

No one gets skiing or snowboarding down on their first day, so mix a few snowballs, games, and laughs into your kids first day on the snow so that they can’t wait to come back tomorrow and try again.

Pack Snacks and Water

Even if your kids seem to have infinite energy when they’re at home, a few hours on the snow will wear them out. If they’re going to make it through the day, then you’ll need plenty of snacks and water to keep them fueled.

The price of food and water on the mountain is almost always more than what you’ll find at a store nearby, so bring a backpack with food for you and your kid to snack on. Sugary drinks may taste good, but they don’t hydrate as well as plain water. Foods that can easily be crushed also may not survive a day on the mountain, so aim for things that won’t be ruined if you fall on them.

Bars, beef jerky, fruit snacks, and plenty of water are a few of our favorite things to snack on while on the snow!

Don’t Forget to Take Breaks

Snow is fun but being exhausted in the cold is not. Mix in a healthy amount of downtime at the lodge, preferably somewhere warm like near a fireplace, so that your young snowboarders and skiers can warm up before they head back onto the snow.

Even if you don’t need a one, take at least a lunch break where you can eat and drink something as well as see how much longer your young rider has in them on the snow. You can then plan the rest of your day accordingly based on how they’re responding to the snow.

Have a Regular Pair of Shoes Ready

Even the best ski and snowboard boots are uncomfortable to walk in, especially after you’ve been wearing them all day long. Make sure you either have a short walk to where your kid can take them off or a pair of regular shoes ready at the end of the day so no one’s feet become a problem.

Being able to walk to your lodging from the slopes solves many problems, and even if staying on the snow at a resort isn’t an option you can still book lodging nearby! For example, this Air BnB is within walking distance of Eagle Lodge at Mammoth and perfect to walk back to after a long day on the snow!


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