How to Make Renting Ski and Snowboard Gear for Your Family Easy

How To Rent Snowboarding Gear for The Whole Family

How to Make Renting Ski and Snowboard Gear for Your Family Easy

At Mammoth Bound we want everyone who tries skiing or snowboarding to form a lifelong hobby that keeps them active and outside. The best way for that to happen is by making sure that everyone rents the right gear for their first time, or first few times, on the snow.

Renting the right gear for one person is hard enough, but renting for an entire family where each person has different sizes and preferences is extremely difficult. That’s why the Mammoth Bound team has written a quick guide to renting ski and snowboard gear for your family. Check it out below, and then book your Mammoth Mountain ski and snowboard rentals through Mammoth Bound! 

Take Advantage of Season Long Rentals

If you know that you’re going to be skiing or snowboarding consistently, then renting gear for the entire season saves you money without forcing you to buy gear before you know what you like.

Buying your own ski and snowboard gear is an investment that requires experience to make correctly, but if you’re renting multiple times a year then you’ll save money buying instead of renting. Some ski shops and mountain resorts offer season long gear rentals so you can save time and money without committing to one piece of gear. Some will even allow you to store your season long rentals in their store, which makes getting to the mountain even easier!

Consider Renting Away from the Mountain 

There is almost always a ski and snowboard shop at the base of a ski mountain, but these shops are often more expensive and more crowded than the local shops nearby. 

The benefit of renting at the shops at the base is that you don’t have to carry your gear far before you use it, which is important when you’re riding with small children. They often have storage for your gear as well, which simplifies getting on the snow. However, the ski shops away from the mountain offer competitive prices, and when there is a surge of people renting, the shops at the base are the first ones to have lines out the door.

Although renting at the mountain may be easier, if you have the time to rent away from it then your wallet will thank you!

Boots are the Most Important Piece of Gear

Although boots don’t affect your performance on the snow as much as a snowboard or pair of skis, they have a major effect on how comfortable you are.

Skiing and snowboarding both require constant adjustments through your feet, which is why boots must fit perfectly to avoid blisters. If a boot is too big or too small, then the amount of time you can ride comfortably is cut drastically, so take the time to make sure a boot fits perfectly before you leave the rental shop.

Book Online Rentals Ahead of Time

Always reserve your ski and snowboard rentals online before your visit.

If you don’t, you put yourself at risk of the right gear for you being unavailable as well as spending more time in the shop and less time on the snow. Many ski shops also offer discounts to customers who book online reservations, so you’ll save time and money online!

Know When It’s Time to Buy

Even with season long rentals, if you ski or snowboard enough then you’ll save money by buying your own gear. The right time to buy is different for every family, but always keep an eye out for deals on gear near the end of the ski season so you can take advantage of them! 


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