Electric Bike Rentals

Electric Bike Rentals (coming next season)

Whether you want to get to your Mammoth destination faster or simply ride longer, you can benefit from renting an electric bike from Mammoth Bound. Electric bikes are one of the best ways to zip around Mammoth Village and Mammoth Lakes and ride up Mammoth Mountain! Ride longer, farther, and faster on our amazing electric bike rentals in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

E-Bike Rentals Are an Amazing Way to See Mammoth

Mammoth Mountain has great mountain biking trails that can be challenging and fun for all riders, and with an electric bike, there’s nothing to hold you back. When you get tired of pedaling, just let the motor take over and do the work for you. You’ll enjoy your ride even more with a little assistance on those steeper trails. By increasing pedaling power with electric motors, e-bikes allow riders to do more than they ever could before, going farther and faster and navigating difficult terrain with ease. With an electric bike, you can cover a greater distance, keep pace with other riders in your group, enjoy the scenery, and access rough tracks without getting tired. Every trail will offer a new experience, and the incredible views at the top of every climb will become treasured memories.


Come to Mammoth Bound for Awesome E-Bike Rentals & Gear

All our e-bike rentals include helmets, and our friendly team will show you how to operate the electric bike safely before you set out on your mountain adventure.

If you aren’t sure which e-bike is right for you or you have any other questions about renting e-bikes at Mammoth, don’t hesitate to call on the friendly folks at Mammoth Bound. We’re here to help you have an amazing Mammoth Mountain experience, so stop by our shop or contact us at [email protected] today.

There are no reservations for rentals, and equipment availability may vary.

Mammoth Mountain Weather Forecast

Plan a trip to Mammoth in the upcoming days? Are you gonna get rain, snow or sunshine, what does the weather report say? Here's what you can expect from the weather Gods over the next few days. Keep in mind the weather on the mountain can change rapidly so it's good to bring an extra sweater and t-shirt just in case.

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