Major Airports Closest to Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Airport

Like most ski towns, Mammoth Lakes is serviced by a regional airport with a peak season that revolves around snow just like Mammoth Mountain does.

Although Mammoth Yosemite Airport offers plenty of flight options, we’ve listed the closest major airports to Mammoth Lakes so you can get here in a flash whether it’s to catch a winter storm or to enjoy the beautiful Sierras in the off-season. Check out our list of the closest major airports to Mammoth Lakes below and start planning your next trip!

Major Airports with Direct Flights to Mammoth Lakes

There are 5 major airports with direct flights to Mammoth Yosemite Airport. Four of those five are in California, so if you’re traveling to Mammoth Lakes from the Midwest or East Coast then this part is especially important to you.

The main hub for flights to Mammoth Lakes is Los Angeles International Airport thanks to year-round daily flights through United Airlines that clock in at just around 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you’re heading to Mammoth Lakes from outside the U.S. or during the off-season, you’ll likely pass through LAX due to year-round service and the large number of international flights that touch down in Los Angeles.

Next, San Francisco International Airport offers seasonal flights to Mammoth Lakes through United Airlines. Like LAX, San Francisco International Airport is an accessible place to hop on a direct flight that will only take around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Most importantly for people flying from the Midwest and East Coast, Denver International Airport also offers direct flights to Mammoth Lakes through United Airlines. Even though the flight is longer at 2 and a half hours, thanks to its central location and the number of connecting flights coming from all around the U.S., Denver is the most accessible airport with direct flights to Mammoth Lakes. Take advantage of the direct flights while you can though, as they are offered seasonally only!

Lastly, JetSuite X Air also offers direct flights from Burbank, California and Santa Anna, California.

Major Airports within Driving Distance to Mammoth Lakes

While you’re in the American West, what better way to enjoy the sights than take a road trip from the airport?

If you’re flying into Los Angeles, you can expect around a 300-mile, 5-hour drive. Don’t be put off by the distance though, as the drive will take you right past Sequoia National Forest with Death Valley National Park also nearby.

If you’re looking to visit California’s capital, then driving from San Francisco will take you straight through Sacramento. Although the drive comes in at around 6 hours, Sacramento is only an hour and a half away from San Francisco making it an easy place to stop after a short leg of your journey.

Lastly, if the bright lights of Las Vegas are calling your name but you also want to be within driving distance of Mammoth Lakes then you’ll only be a 5 and a half hour drive away. Like the drive from Los Angeles, driving from Las Vegas offers plenty of scenery and even goes past Death Valley National Park, meaning you can drive past the lowest point in the United States to one of the highest at Mammoth Mountain in one day.

Whether you’re driving to Mammoth Lakes or are taking a direct flight, always be prepared for weather impacting your trip. The same storms that draw people from all over the world to Mammoth Lakes can also keep you from getting here, so check the weather report beforehand and prepare so you don’t lose a single day!

If you are looking for a shuttle to and from the Mammoth Yosemite Airport, we’ve listed your options here.

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