5 Things to Know Before you Rent Ski or Snowboard Gear

rent skis and snowboards in mammoth lakes

Between travelling to distant locations, learning how to balance while sliding down a hill, and getting the right gear, there are plenty of barriers between beginners and a great day of skiing or snowboarding.

With a little bit of know-how though, you can enjoy the snow faster and easier. If you’re a beginner, then you’re light on skiing and snowboarding know-how, but we happen to have plenty to share.

The Mammoth Bound team wants everyone’s path to the snow to be easy, so we’ve listed the 5 most important things to know before you rent ski or snowboard gear below. Check it out ahead of your first visit to the slopes or share this post with someone who is going on their first ski trip soon!

One Small Pair of Socks Makes a Huge Difference

Your ski or snowboard boots will always have a huge effect on your day because every movement you make while riding translates through your feet. If your boots are uncomfortable, then every turn, lean, and step you make will be too.

Don’t worry, most rental boots are comfortable as long as they’re sized correctly. Still, if you wear a bad pair of socks then chances are your feet are going to pay the price. By bad, we mean socks that either cause your feet to sweat and don’t wick away the moisture or are too thick and cause extra friction between your skin and boots. Extra moisture will soften up your skin and lead to blisters while consistent friction on one spot can rub skin raw.

The best socks for skiing and snowboarding are thin and made of a material that wicks moisture away from your feet like Merino Wool. Those socks are also expensive though, so if they’re out of your budget then aim for a sock that is warm and thin.

Rent a Helmet too

Many ski schools will require students to wear helmets if they’re participating, so if you’re taking a lesson then chances are that you will need to wear a helmet regardless. However, ski mountains allow skiers and snowboarders to choose whether or not to wear a helmet.

At Mammoth Bound, we always recommend wearing a helmet because even if you’re an expert skier or snowboarder you can’t control how the people around you ride and how it affects you. Plus, you’re going to be falling no matter what you do if you’re a beginner, so wear a helmet!

woman wearing a helmet

Know What Type of Riding You Want to Do

Beginners are always going to spend their time learning the basics, so they need the most stable rental snowboards and skis possible. However, if you’re an intermediate or advanced rider who is renting, then you should know what type of riding you like most so that you can ask for gear that matches your preferences. Advanced or intermediate riders can also ask about demoing gear so that you get to try gear that matches your skill!

Know Where Your Riding and For How Long

This may seem obvious, but if you’re riding in a place with great terrain for powder and a storm dropping snow next week then you need to know so you can rent the right gear for your trip!

Know How Much Riding You’re Doing in a Season

Knowing how often you ride every year will help you determine whether it is more cost effective to keep renting or invest in gear of your own. Before you rent ski or snowboard gear, ask yourself how much you’re actually going to be riding in the future so that you can decide whether to buy or rent! If you look to rent ski or snowboard gear in Mammoth Lakes, rent your gear here!

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